But what does it all mean? Is it just an empty argument on the part of the Japanese propaganda in Korea or is there a hidden Japanese agenda behind it all? Or maybe is this some kind of Japanese brainwashing experiment of Korean people? I dont think so.


On the surface it is only about the change of the name from Korea to Corea according to a Japanese design, but there must be more to it than that.


Let us first understand why the Japanese propaganda has been so successful in Korea that even 70% of Koreans according to some polls, believed in the Japanese C.

In May 1910, the number of Japanese living in Korea was about 160,000. By the 1940s there were well over 600,000 Japanese living in Korea. Since then we have no official figures about their numbers in Korea. There were also many Korean Nazi collaborators who definitely stayed in Korea. However, most of the Japanese that stayed behind and their Korean Nazi collaborators formed the new ruling class in Korea. They had the education and expertise needed to run the government, economy, education and so on.

During the occupation Koreans were used as laborers and comfort women while the Japanese and their collaborators run everything in Korea. These Nazis also had the financial means to control poor Korean people because they robbed Koreans over the long period of occupation and thus were very wealthy. Moreover, the 1950-1953 Korean War allowed them to assimilate quickly into the Korean society. It is a shame that the Nazis gave birth to the new Korea. Furthermore, the subsequent Japanese investment in Korea was done in cooperation with the local Japanese and Korean collaborators communities.


Only in 2002, did South Korea started to prosecute few of the Nazi collaborators when most of the guilty and most of the witnesses were already dead. However, their children with the help of the Japanese, control most of Korea to the point where combined with their control of the mass media, they are able to quickly and effectively spread Japanese propaganda throughout Korea.


Having established How, let us consider Why. What are the real benefits of changing the name of Korea?



So let us take a close look at the one and only solid evidence offered by the Goldsea.com, the 1851 map of East Asia by Englishman John Tallis.

ein Bild


The first thing we notice is the word Corea both in the title and labeling of Korea which should make Nazis very happy. But if you look a little bit to the right, you can see why Japanese are so keen on this map. It plainly shows the Sea of Japan. Oh wow! Bingo! 

That is exactly what they want out of this C propaganda. Not the Sea of Korea but the Sea of Japan.

*Interestingly enough this map is also quoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in its dispute over the Sea of Japan at this website.


You can see clearly from this that Goldsea.com falsely represents Japanese claims as those of the Korean nationalists and Korean soccer fans. Very wicked conspiracy indeed.




Now let us examine the old British map that is supposedly a fake.


-         1740 British map of Korea considered a fake. (excerpt from the article included)      Yes, it shows K Korea and it also shows guess what? SEA OF KOREA

The statement in the highlighted box explains why it is considered a fake.


ein Bild


Old British map shows Gando was Korean territory

A 23-year-old stamp collector released on Sunday two maps—one black and white and one color—that not only indicated that Gando was part of Joseon Korea, but also marked the East Sea as the “Sea of Korea.”

The B&W and color maps were versions of the same map, the “Modern Map and Chart: Asian Map” produced by the Royal Geographic Society (or predecessor thereof) in 1740. Both marked the East Sea as the “Sea of Korea,” while the color map drew Korea’s northern border as running east from Shenyang to the present Sino-Russo-Korean border, with Gando being on the Korean side.

We here at the Marmot’s Hole, however, can immediately tell the maps are fake. After all, we all know nobody spelt Corea with a “K” before the Japanese imperialists changed the spelling so Korea would come after Japan alphabetically.



You see, by changing the name of Korea to Corea in spite of the solid evidence to the contrary, gives them full rights to the Sea of Korea and then they can call it the Sea of Japan. And in turn the Japanese can claim the small Islets of Dokdo along with the large territorial waters around it. This area supposedly has large reserves of natural gas which the Japanese covet.

So now we know what this C conspiracy is all about.


Finally, the Japanese quote many maps like the one by John Tallis that use C in Korea and the name of the Sea of Japan. At the same time they use their propaganda machine in Korea and around the world to dismiss good maps like the 1740 Old British map just because it uses the correct K, to advance their territorial claims.


Unfortunately, most people have no idea whatsoever that the territorial disputes are decided behind the closed doors at the UN International Hydrographic Organization where maps like the ones above are the key to decide disputes over names and territories.


To see the Korean people being duped to further Japanese claims to the Sea of Japan and Dokdo through the use of the Japanese C is a real tragedy.



What is going to happen in the future? Expect more nonsense from the Japanese scholars in Korea. They are truly an international embarrassment to the country.


Ironically, as I was finishing my blog, I read on the internet the latest Japanese propaganda revelation. Allegedly Imperial Japan freed the Korean people from the Chinese occupation and made Korea into a prosperous industrial nation. Can you believe this sham? I cant.


It looks like the Japanese Editing Agency for Korea is busier now than they were during their occupation of Korea.

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